Whether you are running a commercial beer parlor or having a home bar to treat friends and visitors, you must have the right setup and accessories to ensure your clients and visitors have a great time. Beer drip trays are fast becoming an important part of beer pubs and taverns. They are also in demand among people who have a full-fledged beer dispensing system in their homes.

A drip tray may appear like an inconsequential addition to your home bar but the tray can be a source of immense convenience. It makes sure that there is no unnecessary spillage while pouring out beer for friends which in turn obliterates the need for frequent mopping. It is designed to catch unintended and accidental spills and leaves the region around the dispenser dry and spotless.

Beer drip trays are used mostly as a splash guard to prevent those last few drops that do not make their way into the pint or pitcher. The wasted beer is usually emptied in a drain or reservoir in commercial bars and pubs. In a home bar, the tray can be drained out at your convenience after the party or get-together is over.
There are various types of drip trays available but the most commonly available models are made of stainless steel as they offer durability and easy maintenance. Polished trays have shiny chrome like finish and are unlikely to get chipped or get pitted. You can also buy PVD coated brass drip trays. In this type, the stainless steel base is polished and a brass coating is added. Such coatings are scratch proof and can last for years without losing their sheen.

There are various styles of beer drip trays available. The easiest one to install is the surface mount type which requires just one single drill hole made through the countertop for providing the drain line. The tray is secured with a nut and attached to the drain making it convenient to use and clean. If you want a clutter-free look for the beer bar top, the recessed type tray is the best choice. While they present a neat, clean look, there is some amount of effort involved in its installation.

If you want a beer drip tray outside of beverage coolers, the wall mount type is a great choice. This type of tray comes pre-fitted with arrangements for seamless and quick plumbing connections. Bevel edge brass drip trays are extremely popular as they can be attached effortlessly to the surface of the bar.

Beer drip trays are available in many types of designs, shapes, and functionality. Home bars accessories can do with a simple, minimalistic design while large restaurants, busy pubs, and taverns go for more complex designs because the frequency of use and the volume of beer they handle every day runs into thousands of liters. Drip trays with glass rinsers are also commonly used accessories at pubs, taverns, and restaurants.


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