Turning a house into a home is no mean feat. Aside the essential commodities and designing tactics that are blended to produce some masterpieces, it is the feeling of bonding that brings a home alive. Every little thing of the room speaks for itself and that is how the personality of residents is mirrored via the home. An individual spends a considerable portion of his or her income on home improvement, which includes renovation, decoration and the like. In addition to playing with paint hues, furnishing and daily living items, combining wall pictures or personalized portraits can work wonders in sprucing up the entire decor of a room, vis. a vis. the home.

Why portraits?

It doesn’t matter if you have got yourself a new home or simply wish to lend a different feel to the place you have inhabited for years, the onus lies on you to impart a ‘facelift’. Art as we know, offers life into anything considered dull and drab. Talk about paintings or simply a collage of photos that brings treasured moments of your life to the fore, there is something about wall decorations that refreshes the mind. While anyone might ask as to where lies the lack in the finest of home furnishings, the simple fact is personal value is absent in such decor items.

However, choosing a befitting painting or photos capturing episodic moments of life is also of paramount importance. Merely getting a piece or two for the sake of home improvement leads to nowhere. The market is currently flooded with a number of portrait styles that can make anyone spoilt for choice. From framed and matted ones to panels, curved glass portraits to cubes, acrylic wall portraits to dimensional wall art, there are loads to select from, depending upon one’s need, interest and specific requirements.

Preference of painting

Just because your neighbor has got a modern art piece from the recent exhibition in the city by a renowned artist doesn’t mean you have to act likewise. Preferences vary largely because of tastes. While someone may love oil paintings, others can relate to watercolor paintings. If framed prints on walls are not your type, move over to crafts on metal, wood, cloth and other forms. Nowadays, you can hang such work as wall decorations too for an added effect. As long as the basic rules of decor are followed, you can take your pick from a wide ranging collection.
Placement of portraits

The trick to placing a portrait is where it is likely to augment and balance the space. Most custom created portraits have an advantage of being accommodated in well-fitted spaces. But the placement factor is in relation to the furnishings of a room and the decor too. It should be such that when guests enter, the portrait becomes the focal point. This can only happen if the right types, prints and styles are chosen such that the home decor environment is complemented.

The psyche behind portraits

With the passage of time, psychologists have also recognized the role and value portraiture have on the home or rather personal equations with family members, especially when it comes to development of a better self image. As long as people sense the importance of art, home improvement practices will continue to be enriching and stimulating.


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